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BAMI Anime | All you need to know about One Piece cards (Trading Card Game)

All you need to know about One Piece cards (Trading Card Game)

Everything you need to know about One Piece Card Game

On December 2, 2022, the One Piece Trading Card Game was officially released. The creator of this is bandia, also known from Digimon TCG. This new Trading Card Game is a mega popular manga and anime series. There are very many One Piece fans worldwide, because of all the comic books and anime series. More than 1,000 episodes have been released with the anime series alone! The main character is Luffy and he wants to become the pirate king along with his Straw Hat Crew. When the One Piece cards came out, they proved to be an instant hit. Indeed, it is already a very large and popular trading card game. The cards are not only fun to play with, but One Piece cards are also very expensive and there are very rare ones among them. To help you guys get a little better started with this new TCG One Piece, we are going to write a special article about it through this blog so be sure to read on.


Where can I buy One Piece cards?

A very good question, but BAMI is the place to go for all your One Piece trading card game stuff! There is a wide range of One Piece booster boxes

also with new sets we always have them available.

You can even place pre-orders so you can be sure to get enough in the house around the release date of a new set.

What do these products from One Piece look like?

There are currently two types of products, booster boxes and decks. Of course, you can open a booster box and then you have individual packs. But we are going to talk briefly about the two different types of products booster boxes and decks. Check out the images below, to get an idea of what these products look like:

One Piece Booster Boxes (ENG)





One Piece Booster Boxes (JP)


One Piece Decks


What is the difference between JP & ENG Booster boxes?

in the JP editions collectors attend to buy them more due to the high demand and need of market to resell these rare cards into other collectors,

JP Editions are identified as less cards within the pack 6pcs per pack

While the ENG editions are commonly known to be used as for players and to compete in tournaments which have more set of cards per each pack than the JP editions & less valuable to be resold to other collectors.

ENG Editions are identified as more cards within the pack 12pcs per pack

Please note that these are by no means all the products we offer in our range. This is purely informational, to show what the products look like so you have an idea of that. Then we will now move on to explain how to play the game.

How do you put together a One Piece Deck?

To play the game, you need three things:

1) A deck of 50 cards (these consist of three different types of cards namely: Charater cards, Stage cards and Event cards)
2) A don (You have 10 don cards per deck)
3) A leader card (Namely, determines what color cards you may have in your deck and how many lives you have)

What are One Piece Event cards?

These cards show you excerpts from the Anime series. They have special effects that you may use only once when you deploy the card.

What are One Piece Charater cards?

These are the cards with the characters on them from the Anime series. This allows you to attack and defend. Each character can have its own effect; these are reflected on the cards themselves. (See image below for examples).

What are One Piece Stage cards?

These are cards that you place on the field when you bet them. But the rule is that you can always have only one stage card on the field. So should you want to put in a new one? Then you have to remove the old one. You can kind of compare it to trap cards/trainers in other TCG.


See above examples of what the Character cards look like.

So how do you play the card game of One Piece?

Above is a handy tutorial that explains exactly how to play the card game. Should you still prefer it on paper? Then below we briefly write down the most important aspects from the tutorial video:

You must ensure that you defeat your opponent’s leader first (bring his life points to 0). For this you use the stage, event and character cards. There is a whole strategy involved

When it’s your turn you get two don cards. You can use this to pay the cost of other cards (the cost is shown in the upper left corner of the card). You can also give them to your characters so you can make them even stronger or activate certain effects. So as the turns progress, you get more and more don cards in your hands. This allows you to end up doing a whole bunch of extra, of course it is still a very fun game and you have to be tactical. Therefore, it is most convenient if you grab the tutorial when you are playing for the first time. Once you get the hang of it, you can nicely explain it all by yourself to your friends! Good luck playing the One Piece card game.

What are the rarities of the One Piece cards?

You have a total of 7 different types of rarities within this card game. We list them for you:

  • L = Leader
  • C = Common
  • UC = Uncommon
  • R = Rare
  • SR = Super Rare
  • SEC = Secret Rare
  • P = Promo card

You can get the One Piece promo cards by winning tournaments. These are held all over the world and you can then participate in them. In one tournament, you have to finish high or win to get a promo card. At the other, again, all participants receive a promo card. So check this out carefully before applying.

What do we think of the One Piece Card Game?

It is a super nice game and the Anime is also definitely recommended to watch. Luffy and his friends have all kinds of fun adventures and it is enjoyable. The most fun, though, is to watch the Anime first and only then start collecting the One Piece cards. Because then you also know who is who and what characters you have. But, of course, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, it comes highly recommended. And the cards are already worth quite a bit of money, especially the special ones. Just for fun, search Ebay for One Piece and then set your filter to 1000+ euros, and then click sold listings. Then you see that the cards can make quite a bit of money.

How to know my One piece card collection price/or market price for any booster,release?


You can always count on us to do the research for you into a deep dive into the market and provide you with the correct price at the current hype,rarities, availability worldwide, reach out to us on:



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