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Dragon Ball Goku (Childhood) Match Makers

SKU BAI00320

Show name: Dragon Ball

Character name: Goku

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Get ready to embark on a nostalgia-filled adventure with the Dragon Ball Goku (Childhood) Match Makers action figure! It's a must-have for every anime collector and Dragon Ball fan. Remember the good ol' days when Goku was just a kid, and the world was a bit more innocent (well, sort of)?

This action figure captures the essence of young Goku's mischievous spirit and his determination to become the greatest martial artist in the world. With a funny smirk that only Goku can pull off, this figure will bring a smile to your face.

But there's no need to hunt for Dragon Balls to find this gem – you can get it now with a click of a button. Make your collection complete and reminisce about the good old days of Dragon Ball, where the adventures were wild and the laughter was endless!

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6 cm and 300 g

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